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 gale's jutsu

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PostSubject: gale's jutsu   Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:08 am

name:weight control
info:with chakra flowing through your bogy you can control your body weight, making your body heavy to drop down on your enemy,or to training in.

name:vortex level 3
rank:gale pm if want to use this jutsu
info:this jutsu can destroy i village,you start spining the area around you start breaking it rip and shred everything from in a 100,000 yard

cloud control:with a little mind and chakra you can take a pices of clouds and cammand it

chakra weight:this jutsu hold all the abilidys and kep it in your body so you will get weaker and this drain the user chakra, but the more days you stay in this form,when you'll realease this jutsu all of your abllity will increase every day you stay in the form the more times your speed,stregth,satmia,chakra and your brain cells will increse too
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gale's jutsu
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