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 Yuki's new Styles

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PostSubject: Yuki's new Styles   Fri Dec 26, 2008 2:46 pm

Name: Praying Mantis Style
Rank: C
Element: None
Description: This is a style developed by Yuki. The system employs two basic principles. The first is the grab. This is affected by shaping the hands to resemble that of a mantis's claw, with the index finger pointed forward. Pulling, to expose certain areas of the body follows grabbing. Then strikes are made to these vital points. Skilled pulling also ensures that the opponent is off balance. The second principle is what is known as 'monkey footwork', which does not, as the name implies, copy the footwork of a monkey, but rather imitates its speed and agility, while still giving the support and balance. The stances are short, with a quick sideways stepping motion.

Name: Crab Style
Rank: B
Element: None
Description: The Crab Style is a long thought dead Taijutsu Style. The Crab Style uses moves inspired by the animal - low, crouching stance with "pincer" attacks against the nerves. This is mainly used to do counter attacks, doges & blocks.

Name: Monkey Style
Rank: C
Element: None
Description: One of the more acrobatic Taijutsu styles, movements often include falling, lunging, grabbing, jumping, and tumbling. The staff features prominently in its weapons training, with practitioners using it for attack, defense, and climbing it like a pole to gain height in combat.

Name: Bee Style
Rank: C
Element: None
Description: Bee; 10,000 Bees was a stile of rapid, multiple attack. It requires small, quick and agile people. The Snake/Crane Stylist would be a hit and run, multiple hits/kicks and be off. The Bee Stylist would, like the Crane, seek to wear their opponent down, death of a 1000 cuts sort of thing. But unlike a Snake it would avoided and dance around the attacker.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki's new Styles   Fri Dec 26, 2008 3:59 pm


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Yuki's new Styles
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