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 Kentarou Hougaki's Jutsus'

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PostSubject: Kentarou Hougaki's Jutsus'   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:36 am

Here are the jutsus' I am sending here from my other characters

Name: Icecle Area (Hyouton Mimikaze Saitou)
Rank: C-Rank
Element: Wind and Water
Description: The combination of Ice Element cracks up into many peices and spread around in any way of the user commands and making it into anything . Once the ice spread around and quickly changes to 700 Sharp Icecles of any form of shape . Charging to its enemy at the same time or on the commands of it's user .

Name: Jyoukajin Saraphere
Element: None
Description: Using chakra boosting the speed of the user by feeling very light for the moment which make the user super speed . When it reach Maximum Boost State , it can move as quick as light making it invisible for the second it last for a moment and loses more chakra in Maximum Boost State .

Element: None
Description: Ever since his generation has lasted up to Kentarou . He is the only one left in his generation after the was that happened . He was hidden somewhere no place can be found and finally the part where he tried to see if everything is alright . His Raifuugan occured allowing him to protect what is precious to him . The time shall slow down for the time being , once the Raifuugan is at it's full power , the enemy can be seen at anywhere no matter the hiding style . It has the ability see through enemy's move adds Chakra Visibility , movement speed increase along with enemy movement slowing down and Jutsu Mimic .
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Kentarou Hougaki's Jutsus'
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