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 Jiraiya's New Jutsu

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PostSubject: Jiraiya's New Jutsu   Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:27 pm

Name:Toad Flame Rasengan
Chakra Use:Low for talented ninja like me but for a chuunin it would consum a great deal
Details: Summons Gamabunta to use Toad Flame Bombs Replacing himself with a clone and as the fire fades Jiraiya hits them with Rasegan

Name:Toad Blade Combo
Chakra Use: Enough to summon Gamkatchu and make genjutsu of him.
Details: Summons Gamakatchu (the samurai one). Than using Genjutsu the Toad Sages can make illusions to slash the enemy and then the real one takes all of his chakra and lets out a fierce Toad Blade Cut.

Name: Water Bomb Rasengan/Earth Sphere Rasengan/Thunderball Rasengan
Chakra:same as rrasengan
Details:differenat elements of Rasengan to go with Rasengan (wind) and Hellfire Rasengan (fire)
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Jiraiya's New Jutsu
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